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Product description

Introducing our Cork Eco friendly A5 Notebook, thoughtfully designed for the modern corporate individual. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this notebook combines functionality with eco-consciousness, making it the perfect addition to your corporate stationery collection. Our notebook features a hardbound cover made from premium cork material, providing durability and a touch of natural elegance.

Inside, you'll find 80 gsm sheets, meticulously crafted for smooth writing and an unparalleled writing experience. The inclusion of a memorandum and bookmark ribbon ensures efficient organization, catering to your corporate diary needs. Whether jotting down meeting notes or brainstorming ideas, this notebook is your reliable companion.

Moreover, we understand the importance of eco friendly corporate gifts, and this notebook aligns perfectly with your sustainable values. It's not just stationery; it's a statement of your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Elevate your workspace with our Cork Eco friendly A5 Notebook, where sustainability meets sophistication. Shop now and make a lasting impression with every page turned.