Grow your greenery with our Mega Grow Kit Classic: 5 Seed Pens, 5 Seed Pencils, Mini Plantable Notepad, 3” Coco Pot & Peat. Perfect eco-gift!

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Product description

Looking for the perfect eco-friendly corporate gifts that make a positive impact? Our Mega Grow Kit Classic is the ultimate choice. This comprehensive kit is designed to promote sustainability while delighting recipients with its thoughtful contents.

  • 5 Seed Pens: Each pen is made from eco-friendly materials and contains seeds that can be planted after use, reducing waste and promoting green living.
  • 5 Seed Pencils: These pencils are not only great for writing but also contain seeds that can be planted to grow herbs or flowers, adding a touch of greenery to any space.
  • Mini Plantable Notepad (B7 | 40pg): This notepad is not just for jotting down notes; it's also plantable! Once the pages are filled, simply tear them out, plant them in soil, and watch them grow into beautiful plants.
  • 3” Coco Pot & Peat: The included coco pot and peat provide the perfect environment for nurturing the seeds from the pens and pencils into thriving plants, making it easy for recipients to get started on their gardening journey.

Elevate your corporate gifting strategy with our Mega Grow Kit Classic, the sustainable choice for eco-conscious businesses. Give the gift of growth and sustainability today!